​Violist, Arranger

Mamiko Kobayakawa is a Japanese Violist and arranger.
She is introducing Classical Music’s attractiveness with a new perspective, by producing several music concerts under the theme of tradition and development.
In 2011, she embarked on music arrangements of the excellent pieces, which are covered from baroques to romantics, for chamber music featuring viola(s). Since then, she has been providing her arrangement works for a number of festivals and players. In recent years, Kobayakawa contributed the Brandenburg concerto No3 (BWV1048), which was arranged for viola ensemble, to the Viola Space2015, and the highlight of its performance was broadcast via NHK-BS Premium “Classic Club”. And then, her long-awaited work, Vivaldi/The Four Seasons for viola ensemble, was performed (World Premiere) at the OTARU viola master class2016 and its following tour concerts in Taiwan.
She is also focusing on producing creative and unique concerts, and her main track records are, in 2013 all her works concert at Blue Note Tokyo in Apr. and X’mas concert with pipe organ/piano/ cello/viola taking advantage of huge space of “St. Mary's Cathedral, Tokyo”in Dec., in 2014 all Mendelssohn two days concerts including her works at Suntory Hall in Dec., and recently collaboration concerts with a prestige men’s brand and a premium French cuisine. The above her activities can be found on her official website “http://www.royal-viola.com/”, and the site is serving an online shop to distribute the music scores of her major works, which were published from Royal Art and Music, and have acquired a good reputation all over the world.
She began taking Piano lessons at age 4, taking Violin lessons at age 6, switched to Viola at age 16, graduated from Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music, and studied at Ueno Gakuen, in 2010-2012 recommended by Prof. Nobuko Imai. Now she is studying Viola and chamber music with Prof. Nobuko Imai and Prof. Kiyoshi Okayama, and music theory and arrangement with Tami Nodaira and Mari Takano.